What you need to know about progressive jackpot slots?

What you need to know about progressive jackpot slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are the most exciting and lucrative games you play at online casinos. As the name suggests, the jackpot grows progressively larger with each bet placed, sometimes reaching millions of dollars before being won. But how exactly do progressive slots work? And what strategies do you use to boost your chances of hitting a life-changing jackpot?  Unlike fixed jackpot slots where the top prize is a set amount, progressive slots are linked across multiple games and/or casinos. A small portion of each wager fuels the growing jackpot. The more people play, the faster the jackpot increases since more money is with each spin.

Progressive jackpots are linked across multiple noname slots within a single casino, across various casinos owned by the same operator, or even built through a network of casinos using the same software platform. The more games contribute to the pot, the faster the jackpot grows. Certain progressive games become renowned for their giant prizes reaching eight or nine figures, such as Mega Moolah and Megabucks. Progressive jackpots keep growing until one lucky player triggers the winning combination after a jackpot has been won, the progressive resets to a predetermined seed amount and starts building again. The seed reset amount is usually a million dollars or more for popular progressive slot titles.

Common progressive jackpot slot features

While progressive slots come in many different themes with varied gameplay features, they share some common characteristics:

  1. High denomination – Progressive slots typically require larger bets than other slots. Denominations of $1 or higher are common since more money is needed to fuel the growing jackpot.
  2. Rare jackpot symbols – The combination of symbols required to win the jackpot usually appears randomly and infrequently. With some games, jackpot symbols may only appear on the centre reel. A low odd of hitting the top prize equals a larger payout.
  3. The maximum bet for jackpot – Players must place the maximum bet amount to qualify for the advertised progressive jackpot. Lower bets will earn lower payouts from the same winning combination. Read the rules carefully before playing.
  4. Random triggers – Progressive jackpots are randomly triggered. While the probability of winning increases the more you wager, there is no guaranteed way to win the jackpot. It’s all determined by chance.
  5. Life-changing payouts – When a progressive jackpot is won, the payout sometimes be millions of dollars, totally changing the winner’s life! Even smaller progressive wins yield six and seven-figure sums.

 Tips for playing progressive slots

If you want a shot at a life-altering progressive jackpot, keep these tips in mind:

  • Progressive jackpots always display the current prize on the machine. Look for slots with the biggest jackpots for the best chance of a huge payout.
  • The maximum bet on each spin to qualify for the jackpot. You win smaller prizes with lower bets, but not the big progressive.
  • Games that are linked across multiple casinos generally have the biggest jackpots. The more players contribute the faster and higher the jackpot climbs.
  • When casinos are busiest, progressive jackpots tend to rise faster due to more bets made. Friday and Saturday nights are prime times.
  • Have a budget for how much you are willing to spend and stick to it. Chasing losses lead to reckless betting.
  • If you get lucky and win a sizeable payout, consider cashing out and quitting, rather than risk losing your profits back to the casino.
  • Signing up for the casino’s free players club you is eligible for promotions offering better payouts and comps.

Carefully read the rules for any progressive game before playing so you know how wins are distributed and jackpots are triggered.

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